Creating Private Label Brands Using Digital Printing


A Manufacturer and Co-packer’s guide to improve lead-times and achieve flexibility in label changes.

SKU proliferation is a major issue for private label manufacturers. Private brand customers are seeking different variations of products and sometimes just changes in the labels to appeal to different market demographics or seasons.

Historically, private label manufacturers outsourced packaging print jobs and stored the preprinted labels in bulk to use as needed. This old process works if there are no changes to the manufactured products or label. What happens when a label needs changing because either the product changes or marketing creative changes? Manufacturers get stuck with the cost of label waste and reprints. They sometimes even turn business away because outsourced, preprinted labels would be cost prohibitive.

The old process is extremely inefficient as a company’s SKU numbers increase. As SKU numbers grow, so does the need for corresponding labels. Manufacturers are increasingly being asked to accommodate quick label changes, shorter production runs and seasonal products.

The solution is to bring label printing in-house. This option allows manufacturers to print the exact number of labels needed with the desired label changes and design at the point of manufacture. Modern digital printing technology is easy to manage and maintain, and it pays for itself in the long run. This white paper examines the trends behind packaging customization and why private label manufacturers are bringing digital label printing in-house to improve efficiency and profitability.

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