Solvent Printing

Why Buy Epson?

The SureColor® S Series solvent printers are enabling print professionals to gain advantages in turnaround time, image quality and total cost of ownership.

SureColor® S‑Series vs. Latex Printers
  • Ink Density: Advantage Epson
    In order to achieve high‑quality prints, you must dramatically increase the ink density by using special print modes. By doing so, your ink usage versus Epson UltraChrome is dramatically higher, significantly increasing your ink costs. When used at a high density, Latex ink limits the ability to laminate same‑day. Epson UltraChrome ink technology dries in 6 hours giving you the ability to laminate and ship the same day regardless of ink density.
  • Colour Consistency: Advantage Epson
    Due to the nature of thermal print heads, Latex printers tend to have inferior colour consistency resulting in more re‑prints that reduce both turn‑around times and profit.
SureColor® S‑Series vs. Traditional Solvent Printers
  • Consistency & Quality: Advantage Epson
    Most solvent printer manufacturers do not make their own inks, or print heads. Instead, they rely on other companies to do this for them. As a result, the consistency and quality vary significantly and lead to poor print quality and higher printer maintenance due to print head clogging, etc. Only Epson actually manufactures the ink technology used for their printers, allowing them to fine‑tune the inks for the specific print head technology for greater performance.
  • Lamination Turnaround: Advantage Epson
    Epson UltraChrome solvent ink technology can be laminated and shipped the same day. Other solvent inks take as long as 24‑48 hours to off‑gas while Epson takes a mere 6 hours.