Epson Brings Technology & Fashion Together

Digital printing technology has changed every industry it’s touched. Now it’s revolutionizing the fashion industry by offering Fashion Designers amazing new ways to produce their fabrics.

The Benefits of Digital Fabric Printing

  • Superior Print Quality
    Printing fabrics digitally produces an outstanding level of print clarity and colour. Combined with virtually unlimited colour and design options, the final printed fabric will exceed your expectations compared to traditional fabric printing methods. That’s why many of the world’s greatest fashion brands will only print their fabrics digitally.
  • Faster Turnaround
    Having a unique design printed on your choice of fabric could take up to eight weeks to see the results. And, if you’re not happy, the cycle starts all over again. This not only wastes precious time and money, but limits the creativity of the Fashion Designer. Printing your fabric digitally changes everything. In most cases, a Digital Textile Printer can print your designs on the very same fabrics you typically screen print to, but deliver in as little as seven working days. Just imagine how this quick delivery time could change the way you do business.
  • Design Without Limits
    Imagine producing a painting, or drawing and have it become part of your fabric design. When you decide to print your fabrics digitally, your design choices are unlimited. Mix traditional patterns with actual photography. Incorporate solid colours, patterns, and blends using as many colours you want. Anything you can design on a computer can be printed onto your fabrics, providing Fashion Designers with an awesome new tool.
  • Print on Virtually Any Fabric Type
    Epson has a Digital Fabric Printing solution for virtually any fabric type. From polyesters and blends to natural fibers such as silks, cotton, linen, wool, and rayon. Regardless of the fabric type you’re looking to produce, Epson has a Digital Fabric Printing solution to ensure your creative vision and expectations are met.
  • Better for the Environment
    Digital Fabric Printing provides significant reductions in both water and electricity consumption when compared to tradition methods of fabric printing. As a result, for many Fabric Printers, Digital Fabric Printing can reduce water use by up to 90% and electrical usage by up to 30%.
  • Cost Effective
    With Digital Fabric Printing, you only print the amount of fabric you need – nothing more. So, no more buying huge amounts of fabric you’ll never use because of minimum buys. When compared to traditional methods of fabric printing, Digital Fabric Printing eliminates many costly setup fees. And, when you consider the faster turnaround time impact to your business, the numbers look even smarter.